You just dropped a new video part for Inkwell Commons where you started to skate through your collection of Jordans. What made you decide to do that?
Just too many pairs and not enough time, so I figured I’ll skate them all. Put things I enjoy and appreciate to use while doing something I love. Win win.

How were the shoes to skate? Do you have a favorite pair?
The shoes were great, I wouldn’t have skated in them if it was going to inhibit my abilities lol. Anything from I-VI is a go. V being my favorite.

How long did you film for the part?
A year probably.

You have tricks in there from Barcelona. What did you think of skating there and the city overall?
Barca is dope. Rained a lot that trip, but there were plenty of familiar faces out there, so it made up for it. I’m burnt out on New York, so you could send me anywhere out of the country and I’ll be hyped to just be somewhere new. I’m easy to please, just wanna skate.

Everyone was posting your part on IG and super hyped on it. Were you surprised by the response it got?
Yeah, people enjoyed themselves and that’s a part of what keeps me motivated. Luckily, all the homies support me whenever I put footage out and it just makes me not want to put out bullshit. This last one was just a good time the whole way through and the most fun I’ve had filming something. It makes it even better to get a couple pats on the back from the fellas.


What is Inkwell Commons? How and when did you get involved?
Hmm Inkwell Commons? To me Inkwell Commons is Andre Page. That’s the big bro for real and so whatever he’s doing, I want in. Fortunately enough for me, he feels the same way. So that’s the “how” and “when” answer right there. I been down since we met.

You’re currently one of the managers at the original Supreme store in Manhattan. How and when did you get the job?
This October was the mark of my 5th year on Lafayette st. My old lady Ty looked out hard and got me a job at Stussy on Spring. I was there for like 2 years until a spot opened up and I was lucky enough to switch over. Thanks boo.

Supreme has the most enthusiastic fans. Are there any funny stories or incidents that stand out in your mind?
That’s probably the hardest question in this interview. That’s like asking the brodies “where should we skate today?”

Supreme has only continued to grow in popularity. Why do you think the brand has had such longevity?
All Supreme has done and all it has to do is continue being itself. Our customer appreciates that and values the consistency of the brand.

You’re from Brooklyn, correct? How and when did you start skating?
Yeah, I grew up in Brooklyn, lived in Coney island, Brighton Beach and Sheepshead for a while. I played a lot of basketball though. Only started skating towards the end of my residency in BK, so like 2002-03 I guess. I know I wasn’t skating when 9/11 happened that’s for sure. Well, the park I played ball at had a lil squad of skaters and I’d always watch them from across the park until I finally manned up and made some new friends. One of the smarter decisions I’ve made.

After that, who did you skate with? Did you come into the city to skate or stay in Brooklyn?
Well, even after I started skating, it was just a means of transportation. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give up playing ball and skate because I know how I am. I can’t do both. It wasn’t until I moved out of BK to Queens that I really was actually psyched to just skate and nothing else. Me and the homies would make trips into the city, but I was in a two fare zone, so the trip sucked for me. I wasn’t really crazy about it. I had Queens and Long Island at my disposal though and a motivated crew, so I was content.

With your job, how often do you get out skating these days? Who are you skating with?
Working full time usually affords me like two days a week if I’m lucky, weather dependent of course. The usual suspects, Connor, Troy, Kev, Dre, and anyone else that’s down to shred, were around.

Which way do you skate your board and what size board do you skate?
Yes, I skate my boards backwards. The dudes I skated with when I was younger told me you get more pop off the nose because it’s bigger and it made perfect sense to me. Been doing it ever since. Also, don’t really have a board preference. I like skating all different sizes and shapes, so I don’t get stuck on specifics. That way, no matter what I set up, I can do my thing.

Are you someone that watches much skating? Like are you going to websites and watching skating? Or only watching your friends on Instagram?
I’ll go on Slap at work, lurk the message board and see what’s up. I think it’s good to peek into the skate world and see who’s doing what, regardless if it’s wack or not. Instagram is just convenient though, you get to see people trippin and rippin.

What do you think of the current state of skateboarding? What are you hyped on? Anything you dislike?
Although I check in frequently, I try to not get too attached and take it too seriously. I just want to skate and have fun with the bros and enjoy my life.

You’ve got a love for jewelry. Whenever I see you you’re wearing a number of rings and chains. When I saw you out the other night you were carrying a Goyard bag. Have you always enjoyed the finer things? 
I suppose I’ve always enjoyed the finer things, but was never in the position to actually live such lifestyles: always just admired from a far. I guess it started when I got my first job and started making a little money and spending it how I saw fit.

Does each piece have a special significance to you?
Yeah, definitely. I design all my pieces, so they are all special to me and remind me of a different time in my life. Jewelry is rad to me because it’s just another creative outlet like skateboarding. A preview of a person’s style and character. But no favorite really, I love all of my creations. They’re all fabulous.

IMG_6223 2

Let’s do some word association. You tell me the first thing that comes to mind.

Andre Page:
The Godfather

A super cute Russian boy (insert heart eyes emoji)

Connor Champion:
Southern bell

Cute…………..for now

Wade DesArmo:
Big Tuh

Cobra commander

Grateful and fortunate

Kevin Tierney:
Od brolic Od

Wallie’ing into grinds:
Dat way, the lazy way

What do you have coming in the near future?
More life.


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