The Paul Rodriguez Interview, Part 1

A website about people shaping the skateboard industry without a Paul Rodriguez interview, would be like a site about the best NBA players of all time without Michael Jordan. A comprehensive hip-hop documentary with no mention of Jay Z. The Boxing Hall of Fame without Muhammad Ali.

Paul’s list of accomplishments is as long and impressive as it is diverse. On one hand, you have over a decade of NBD-laced video parts, contest wins and magazine covers. On the other, numerous industry-topping endorsement deals and the orchestration of his immensely successful brand, Primitive. 

With that said, it’s perhaps his enduring presence and adaptability that have truly cemented his name in the “TBE” conversation. Finding his initial success in a time reliant on VHS videos and print coverage, Paul has continued to thrive in a new era of skateboard media, one dominated by constant content creation, social media and televised competition.

As Paul progresses as both artist and entrepreneur, we had the opportunity to talk with him about success, inspiration, passion, starting a brand and how to last.

This is The Paul Rodriguez Interview. Part 1.


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